Photo of the Month – August 2023

August 31, 2023

Photo of the month - August 2023
Photo of the month – August 2023

Photo of the month – August 2023

It’s always a lovely feeling to walk down to the river, many fishing memories. But today I didn’t bring my fishing rod, instead I bring my tripod and camera. Love the first view when you arrive down to the river, always so excited to see the water levels and see if there is some rising trout. When I first arrive I use to sit down and take in all beauty and maybe take a cup of coffee before you tied on a dry fly. Very much the same now, sit down and think about lens and take in all beauty.

Crashing wave at Långan River

I love the motion and energy in the water and the black rocks that the wave crashing into.

How I capture the photo of the month

I Set the aperture f / 16 and I use the flow of the water as leading lines.
I use my Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 73mm. Great lens very versatile and good image quality.
I try a few different shutter speed and I found out that 0,3 sek was perfect, love the texture in the water.

Warming cup of black Coffee

After this capture I think I deserve a warm cup of black Coffee while I listen and watch to the beautiful waterfall in Klöstafallet, Långan river.

Find out more about Långan river.

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