Photo of the Month – October 2023

October 31, 2023

Photo of the Month - October 2023
Photo of the Month – October 2023

Late night show at Långan River

I stand on the rock with my camera on a tripod with rising steam fog from the dark river. It was pretty cold.
I felt like me or the camera will fall over into the cold water any second. The northern lights start to dance on the dark sky, really beautiful. In the distans you can see the steam fog from the river rising up into the dark river

How I capture the photo of the month

I Set the aperture wide-open at f / 2.5 and I use the grooves as leading lines.
I use my 15 mm prime lens, Irix Blackstone. Lovely lens.
The Northern Lights starts to be quite active so I use a Sutter speed of only 2.0 sek at ISO 4000.
Later I capture a longer exposure of 30.0 sek and ISO 5000 for the Water and Foreground.
In post process I blended those two exposure in photoshop with a layer mask.

Northern Lights fade away

The Northern Lights fade away as quickly as it shows up. I wait in the dark for a long time but it doesn’t start to dance that beautiful again. But I was very satisfied with my photograph and I always enjoy spending time along the river, always so meditative feeling, even in the dark.  

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