Helvetesbrännan Nature Reserve

– 34 square kilometer roadless Wilderness

Story about the name Helvetesbrännan

The name Helvetesbrännan came from a forest worker that was very annoyed over the grumpy blockage terrain of the hilly and sooty landscape and said that in this place you can walk a hole day without touch the ground.

Recurring forest fires

Helvetesbrännan was ravaged by recurring forest fires in year 1888.

Tranquility and untouched nature

If you search tranquility and untouched nature you going to love Helvetesbrännan.

The magical deep forest is dominated by older pine forest, among the big hills and bogs you find small woodland lakes.

Helvetesbrännan can be pretty tough to hike.

Rich wildlife in Helvetesbrännan Nature Reserve

In the reserve you find a rich wildlife of Bears and Moose.

Prints from Helvetesbrännan

Selection of fine prints to hang on your wall from Helvetesbrännan.

My movie from Helvetesbrännan

Peter Perssons movie from Helvetesbrännan.

Find to Helvetesbrännan

Helvetesbrännan is located northwest of Ånge on both sides of the county border. From Ånge you take road 83 and turn after about seven kilometers right towards Alby. Just south of Alby, then turn right onto a forest road. Follow the road signs to the parking pockets by Flistersjön or Näbbtjärn. If you want to reach the northern part from the Jämtland side, take the road E14 towards Bensjö, then towards Östra Stugusjön and then turn right onto the forest road. At Stor-Stugusjötjärnen there is a car park.

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