Hide and Seek

Atmospheric conditions in Härbergsdalen

The mist swept between the trees and mountains as I began my hike up in the fells of Härbergsdalen, Frostviksfjällen. A light rain poured down as I walked through the old, beautiful forest. From time to time, the mountaintops revealed themselves through the mist. The following night was a scary one, spent high up in the fells with lightning and thunder outside my tent. This photograph is one of my best ever!

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Capture date: 23 August 2023

Location: Härbergsdalen, Frostviksfjällen, Jämtland.

Camera settings:
1/6 sec  f/11 / ISO 100
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon EF 70-300mm f/4 -5,6L IS USM @ 170mm



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