Winter camping in Lunndörrsfjällen

April 6, 2022

Sunny start in Tossåsen

When I arrive in Tossåsen it was really nice weather, sunny and no wind.
I pack my pulk and start my journey into the fells in Lunndörrsfjällen, I met a few skiiers on their way back home. Felt lite everyone going home, I got the fells all by myself.

Campsite in the valley below Lunndörrspasset

Since my last visit in Lunndörrsfjällen I really enjoy the valley below Lunndörrspasset, so I take the opportunity to explore the area, I follow Lunndörrsån downstream a little bit. Soon I found a really nice campsite. After I pitched my tent I prepare some dinner, Spagetti Bolognese.

Amazing Night Sky

Northern Lights | Lunndörrsfjällen, Jämtland
Northern Lights | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

Later in the evening I got an amazing night sky with Northern Lights and a really beautiful and clear Milky Way that was clearly visible to the naked eye.

Milky Way | Lunndörrsfjällen, Jämtland
Milky Way | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

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Gray morning

Birch Tree | Lunndörrsfjällen, Jämtland
Birch Tree | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

I slept very well in my Hilleberg tent, when I open the zipper in the morning I looks out on a gray landscape. A faded sun break through the snow clouds from time to time. I serve myself some breakfast and boil some black coffee.

Time for exploring

After breakfast I went out for a short skiing trip in the surrounding, heavy snowfall and wind svept over the fells.
In some way it’s very beautiful, perfect condition to capture minimalistic photographs.

Minimalist Landscape | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen
Minimalist Landscape | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

Intimate landscape

Drifting snow above the ice catch my interest.

Intimate landscape in the big mountain world
Intimate landscape in the big mountain world

Dinner time and some rest

After some exploring I prepare my dinner and give myself some rest. I read a few chapter in my book Rävlystnad by Solveig Vidarsdotter.

Wind picks up

Start of the passage to Lunndörrspasset | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen
Start of the passage to Lunndörrspasset | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

Later in the evening I went for a short trip close to the tent, I ski towards Lunndörrspasset, the wind really get stronger as soon as I start my skiing up in the passage. But I think I get away with some decent photographs that really show the harch conditions up in the fells.
Really inhospitable place to be but in the same way so lovely and fascinating, felt very small in the big mountain world.

Baren Fells | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen
Baren Fells | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

Snowy but cozy tent

My snowy Hilleberg Tent | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen
My snowy Hilleberg Tent | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

My tent was a little bit snowy when I come back, but always very cozy when you come inside.

I spend a cosy night in the tent and slept very well.

Time to head back to Tossåsen

Lonely Birch | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen
Lonely Birch | Lunndörrsfjällen, Härjedalen

The next morning the wind has calm down and there was hardly no wind at all and a faded sun breaks through the snow clouds as I ski back to Tossåsen. I stop the half way and boil a cup of black coffee.

Summarize another awesome winter camping trip to Lunndörrsfjällen

All these trips give me so much energy and joy.

Longing for next trip, soon it’s time to change to hiking boots instead of skis. Looking forward to do that.

Tips on accommodation and excursion destinations in Lunndörrsfjällen.

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