Seascape photography in Lörudden

April 10, 2023

In the light from the Lighthouse in Lörudden I went out to photograph Seascapes in Lörudden.

Lörudden is located on the east coast in Medelpad, 30 kilometers south of Sundsvall.

Some fresh snow have fallen on the black rocks over the night. The light from the Lighthouse mirroring in the still water as I found my way down to the shoreline. Lovely to hear the sound from the gentle waves pushing towards the shoreline.
I spend some time take in everything before I start to frame up my compositions. I really enjoy to be back at the shoreline. It was a long time ago since I was down on the east coast of Sweden in Medelpad.

My first seascape photography in Lörudden.

My first composition was group of nice rocks and the black jagged cliffs. Lovely blue soft light in the sky.

Seascape photography in Lörudden
Seascape photography in Lörudden

Intimate seascape photography

After the grand Seascape photo I went for some intimate photos. Love the contrast between the warm golden color and cold blue tones.
Lovely patterns on the rocks along the shoreline, I love to go and look at all these patterns and shape. Just beautiful.

Seascape photography in Lörudden
Golden Blues | Lörudden, Medelpad.

Beautiful Swans

A Swan join me at the shoreline, love the soft morning light. The Swan looks so proud, like a queen swimming along the shoreline.

Morning Swan | Lörudden, Medelpad.
Morning Swan | Lörudden, Medelpad.

A short meeting before they swim away in different directions. Beautiful couple.

Seascape photography in Lörudden
Morning Meeting | Lörudden, Medelpad.

Morning coffee on the cliffs

Soon the sun start to rise high on the sky and I felt that it was time to boil some morning coffee, while I enjoy my morning coffee and breakfast I enjoy watching the swans and the warm morning sun.

Morning frost

On my way back home the trees was covered in beautiful frost. Very beautiful.

Morning Frost | Björkön, Medelpad.
Morning Frost | Björkön, Medelpad.

Next morning

Seascape photography in Spikarna, Alnön.

The next morning I have planned to visit Spikarna, Alnön. But I didn’t get a good start when I receive a parking fines, I have paid my parking fee but I have entered the wrong car, last time I use the app, several mont ago when I helped a dear friend with a parking in the app I forgot to change car after that, so when I arrive in Spikarna I wasn’t in the best mindset, but I think I can at least go to the cliffs and drink some morning coffee and enjoy the sunrise. But I did finally get some intimate photographs.

Beautiful Ice Formations

The night was cold and shaped this beautiful ice formations, looks like a feather.

Ice Feather | Spikarna, Alnön.
Ice Feather | Spikarna, Alnön.

Round smooth cliffs

Found this beautiful rockformation, the shoreline is ever changing, from round smooth rocks to jagged pointy rocks.

Seascape photography in Alnön
Rock Formation | Spikarna, Alnön.

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