Vålådalens Nature Reserve

In Vålådalen Nature Reserve you find a beautiful landscape with old forest and surrounding fells, lakes and wild rivers. In the reserve you find the fells Anaris-, Bunner- och Lunndörrsfjällen.

Sámi culture

Also in Vålådalen Nature Reserve you find a long tradition of Sámi life and culture. Even today, the land in Vålådalen Nature Reserve is very important for the reindeer and Sámi people.

Show big respect when you spot reindeers

Be very careful when you see reindeers and never try to get close to the reindeers, especially important in the spring when the reindeers is newborn.

Flowering valleys and STF mountain huts

In Vålådalen Nature Reserve you can hike through flowering valleys and between STF mountain huts.

STF Stendalen Mountain HutSTF GåsenSTF Vålåstugan and STF Anaris.

Rich wildlife of Vålådalen Nature Reserve

In the reserve you find a rich wildlife, with a big luck you can spot Wolverine, Bear and Arctic Fox.

Find to Vålådalen Nature Reserve

The reserve is located in the western Jämtland mountains and there are three major entrances. You can get to Vålådalen in the northeast by car, bus or train plus taxi. To Storulvån in the northwest you go by car or train plus taxi. To Ljungdalen in the south you take a car or bus. The reserve can also be reached by car from Tåssåsen in the southeast. Source: Länsstyrelsen.


Nature Reserves and other beautiful places

Some beautiful locations that I really enjoy to visit.

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