Arådalens Nature Reserve

Nature reserve south of Oviksfjällen with a lovely mix of fells, bogs and old forest. In the north you find the fells Hundshögen, Hästryggen and Lillfjället.

Long tradition of Fäbodliv

In the nature reserve you find a long tradition of Fäbodliv, a Swedish summer pasture where farmers around Myssjö and Oviken used Arådalen as an outfield, the livestock had to move there to save on the farm’s resources.

At the same time, they benefited from the forest and the bogs by grazing and keeping the landscape open.

Sámi culture

In Arådalen you also have a long tradition of Sami culture and you will find many traces of Sami who lived in the area. Even today, the land in Arådalen is very important for the reindeer and Sámi people.

Show big respect when you spot reindeers

Be very careful when you see reindeers and never try to get close to the reindeers, especially important in the spring when the reindeers is newborn.

Great wilderness feeling

When you experiens the nature in Arådalen you get a great wilderness feeling. That´s one thing I really love with this place.

Hope you enjoy my photos from Arådalens Nature Reserve below.

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